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How is Stride Length Calculated?

Let's start with the definition of what a your stride length is. Put simply, your stride length is the distance you travel with each step you take.

So if you're looking to calculate your total distance walked and you know how many steps you took, you simple do stride length multiplied by your number of steps. We also have a free calculator for steps to distance for that too.

Stride length depends on a number of things, but a good approximation can be calculated by looking at a person's biological sex and height.

A good approximation to calculate your step or stride length is as follows:

For females it's 26.4516 multiplied by your height in meters.
For males, it's 29.0322 multiplied by your height in meters.

Remember, this is only an approximate guess and the true answer will depend on a range of factors including walking style, speed and age.

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