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Do you work for an NHS Trust or a public sector organisation?

The wellbeing of public sector employees is crucial, as it directly impacts their ability to provide quality care and service to the community. Bring your organisation together with our inclusive wellbeing platform. 

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How Myles boosts wellbeing & engagement in NHS trusts

Our dedicated team understands the unique challenges that public sector organisations are facing.

We have a proven track record of enhancing the wellbeing at NHS and public organisations by working closely to understand your organisation's needs, provide ongoing support, and ensure a seamless implementation of the Myles platform.
Impactful, data driven approach
Team vs team challenges & built in rewards
Inclusive across abilities and fitness levels

Making life easy for you

Reward the team
Employees can get competitive with monthly leaderboards as well as one-off challenges. Incentivise with a range of budget friendly options.
Fully inclusive
We normalise activities and sports so that everyone can see themselves on a fair leaderboard no matter how they exercise. The leaderboards reward individual improvement as well as total effort.
Hassle-free experience
Integrations with existing tools such as Slack, Apple Health, Google Fit and loads more make life easy. You don't even need to send us any employee data, so you can sleep easy that your data is still private.
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Our platform helps foster mental fortitude and resilience.

We have served NHS trusts, regiments in the British Army, and other public sector organisations, providing them with the motivation to be healthier which helps equip them for stressful and challenging situations.

Workforce retention

By prioritising wellbeing, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to your team's welfare, which leads to higher job satisfaction, improved retention rates, and increased engagement.

Improved Employee Engagement

A proactive approach to wellbeing creates a sense of belonging, purpose, and engagement among your employees, fostering a positive work culture and reducing turnover.

Reduced Absenteeism and Health Costs

By supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees, you can mitigate absenteeism and reduce healthcare costs associated with preventable conditions.

Budget or signoff concerns?

We already work with areas of the NHS and other public sector organisations. Our team can support in introducing Myles to ensure it delivers impact and return on investment to the organisation.

By integrating Myles into a current wellbeing offering, organisations can amplify the impact and effectiveness of their wellbeing initiatives. The Myles platform can provide sector-specific challenges, taking into account the unique challenges faced by NHS Trusts and public sector organisations. 

Through our seamless integration with fitness trackers, Myles empowers employees to be rewarded for their activities by earning Smyles, our virtual fitness coin. This encourages healthy habits, rewards progress, and drives positive behavioural change, which will equip employees with the fortitude they need to navigate demanding environments.Integration with existing wellbeing programs is seamless, allowing for a cohesive approach that complements and enhances current initiatives.

This ensures that employees have easy access to the Myles platform and can fully engage with its features. Myles promotes team building and fosters a sense of community among employees, which is especially valuable in challenging and high-pressure situations.

By using Myles, NHS Trusts and public sector organisations can demonstrate their commitment to the physical and mental health of their employees. This not only fulfils their duty of care but also contributes to higher employee retention, improved engagement, and ultimately, enhanced patient care and service delivery.

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How much does it cost?

You can check out our plans on our pricing page.

Which fitness trackers can I connect?

We connect with a wide range of fitness trackers that's always expanding. Popular ones include Apple Health, Garmin and Fitbit, but you can also see our full list of fitness trackers.

Does my whole company need to sign up?

Myles works well for entire organisations as well as individual teams. Your whole company doesn't need to sign up.

How do my employees access Myles?

We'll provide you with all of the onboarding material to send invites. Employees can use Myles on their Android device, iPhone or directly in Slack (optional).

How do the rewards work?

We know you're spinning a fair few plates, so we handle everything to do with the rewards. In summary, your team collect points for recording activities and completing challenges. These points can then be exchanged for gift vouchers or charitable donations.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Feel free to book some time with one of our team who will be happy to answer anything else.