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"Myles has been the perfect way to boost physical activity among our staff and create a bit of friendly competition between our colleagues and teams"

Hollie Montague

Staff Wellbeing Officer - Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

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Virtual Challenge library

Choose from one of our 80+ ready made challenges to keep things simple.

Take famous routes as a team such as Route 66, Lands End to John o'Groats, Mount Everest and many more.

Custom challenge routes

Already got a route in mind for your challenge? No problem!

You can create a custom route to drive excitement and engagement with the challenge.

Perhaps you want to do a tour of your offices, or start the challenge at your office and journey to a specific destination.

We've got you covered!

Fully inclusive

You can adjust the format of the virtual challenge to ensure it suits everyone in your team.

Choose whether to collaborate as a team to reach the target, or if each participant has to complete it individually.

Select the method of completing that works best for your team from distance, duration, steps or our inclusive points based system that takes into account 100+ activities and sports .

Set the deadline that works for you.

We ensure everyone can get involved in the fun.

So, how does a virtual challenge work?

1. Select your challenge route or create your own

2. Set the challenge details, such as what activities you want to count and how you want to complete it (solo / team)

3. Decide on a start date and end date

4. Share the joining link with your team and get started

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"Myles has been transformative in getting our team moving more, bringing us together and improving our overall wellbeing and morale"

Greg Hewitson

Channel Specialist, Dell

Talk with the team
Increased productivity
Improved Mental Wellbeing
More connected to colleagues

Have a question?

How long do virtual challenges last?

This is completely up to you! We'll give you an estimated duration for each challenge based on your team size and the challenge. Our experience shows that 1-4 weeks is an ideal length.

How can virtual challenges benefit a team?

Virtual challenges are a great way to drive engagement through competition and collaboration. They spark excitement amongst teammates and bring the team together through a shared goal.

What types of virtual challenges do you offer?

Our virtual challenges can be completed in a number of different ways. It's up to you how you complete it (everyone completing it together, or racing to be the first one to complete it individually). It's also up to you which activity types count, as well as how you'd like to track the progress (we're big fans of showing your team a virtual map to bring the challenge to life).

Can virtual challenges be customised for our company?

Yes! We love working with organisations to create a custom virtual challenge for them. Popular choices are starting from your office address and virtually travelling to another destination, or perhaps a challenge doing a tour of your offices. Get in touch with our team today who would love to talk further about your idea.

What support is available for participants during a virtual challenge?

We ensure things run as smoothly as possible for your virtual challenge to ensure everyone has the best experience. All of your team will have direct access to a live support chat in case they have any questions.

How much does a virtual challenge cost?

Our virtual challenges start at £119 for your team. You can check out our plans on our pricing page.

Which fitness trackers can I connect?

We connect with a wide range of fitness trackers that's always expanding. Popular ones include Apple Health, Garmin and Fitbit, but you can also see our full list of fitness trackers.

Does my whole company need to sign up?

Myles works well for entire organisations as well as individual teams. Your whole company doesn't need to sign up.

How do my employees access Myles?

We'll provide you with all of the onboarding material to send invites. Employees can use Myles on their Android device, iPhone or directly in Slack (optional).

Are the virtual challenges on Myles inclusive?

Yes! When you create your challenge, you can choose to measure your progress with our points system, called Smyles. This means that people are able to record the activities they enjoy and are able to do to contribute to the challenge progress.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Feel free to book some time with one of our team who will be happy to answer anything else about both our virtual challenges and our ongoing engagement platform.

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