Unlock a healthier, more productive workforce.

The wellbeing of NHS staff is crucial, as it directly impacts their ability to provide quality care and service to the community. Bring your NHS trust together with our inclusive wellbeing platform.

"Myles has been the perfect way to boost physical activity among our staff and create a bit of friendly competition between our colleagues and teams"

Hollie Montague

Staff Wellbeing Officer - Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

"Myles enables our teams to see the difference exercise has on them individually and the improvement they are making, whilst having some fun amongst colleagues taking on the challenges. It is inclusive and really is a great opportunity to build connections and enhance physical wellbeing."

Sophie Morgan

Wellbeing Project Coordinator - South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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Increased productivity
Improved Mental Wellbeing
More connected to colleagues

6 million days lost

last year because staff were off sick due to mental health and wellbeing related reasons.

"Feedback from colleagues has been really positive, with people particularly liking how inclusive the app is and the fact we can turn our Smyles into donations and rewards.

The team at Myles have also been great, helping us to develop bespoke challenges to add another layer of personalisation to the app."

Chris Walker

Head of Risk & Compliance - NHS Supply Chain

How Myles boosts wellbeing & engagement in the best NHS trusts in the UK

Impactful, data driven approach

Team vs team challenges & built in rewards

Inclusive across abilities and fitness levels

Have a question?

How much does it cost?

You can check out our plans on our pricing page.

How do I onboard my NHS trust?

We'll work closely with you to ensure onboarding goes as smoothly as possible. We offer live or pre-recorded launch sessions for your team, along with a library of email templates to get maximum engagement.

How do I get budget approval for this?

We've worked with multiple areas of the NHS already to create a process for this. This involves a pilot period where we can analyse the data together, along with flexible billing where you only pay for the users that sign up.

What kind of data will I be able to see?

You'll be able to see stats such as the number and the types of activities recorded as well as the total duration, distance and steps of activities logged. Great for LinkedIn posts or internal comms. We don't share detailed data about individuals in order to protect their privacy and get high engagement rates from the platform.

How do we prove ROI for this kind of initiative?

Higher levels of physical wellbeing has been linked to improved productivity, culture and retention rates as well as reduced absenteeism. We look at data points from before and after your team joins Myles, so you can see exactly how much physical activity levels have improved.

Is the data secure?

All of our data is encrypted at rest and in transit and we follow the latest security guidelines to ensure user data is kept secure.

Do employees need a fitness tracker?

No. Staff can simply use their smartphone to record their activities. We are also able to offer a discount on Fitbit devices to all Myles users.

Which fitness trackers can I connect?

We connect with a wide range of fitness trackers that's always expanding. Popular ones include Apple Health, Garmin and Fitbit, but you can also see our full list of fitness trackers.

Does my whole company need to sign up?

Myles works well for entire organisations as well as individual teams. Your whole company doesn't need to sign up.

How do my staff access Myles?

We'll provide you with all of the onboarding material to send invites. Employees can use Myles on their Android device, iPhone or directly in Slack (optional).

How do the rewards work?

We know you're spinning a fair few plates, so we handle everything to do with the rewards. In summary, your team collect points for recording activities and completing challenges. These points can then be exchanged for gift vouchers or charitable donations.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Feel free to book some time with one of our team who will be happy to answer anything else.

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