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Convert your daily steps into calories to calculate how many calories you've burned from your activity. This calculator takes into account your stride length and weight too to ensure the conversion is as accurate as possible.
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Why convert steps to calories?

Converting steps to calories can provide valuable insights into the energy expenditure associated with physical activity. While steps alone offer a measure of movement, translating them into calories burned offers a more tangible understanding of the impact on your body.

This conversion allows you to gauge the efficiency of your workouts, tailor your exercise routine to your fitness goals, and track progress over time. Furthermore, understanding the caloric output of your physical activity can contribute to a better grasp of weight management and overall health.

By bridging the gap between steps and calories, you gain a more comprehensive perspective on the real-world effects of your movement, empowering you to make informed decisions about your fitness journey.

Why do you need weight, height & speed?

Weight, height, and speed significantly impact the number of calories burned during a walk due to their direct influence on the body's energy expenditure.

Weight plays a crucial role as a heavier individual expends more energy to move their body mass over a given distance.

Height comes into play because taller individuals have a longer stride, covering more ground with each step, thus affecting the overall workload on muscles and metabolism.

Speed also contributes, as a faster pace requires increased effort and engages more muscle groups.

These factors collectively influence the body's basal metabolic rate and the intensity of physical activity, determining the calories burned. Recognising the interconnectedness of weight, height, and speed helps tailor workouts and optimise calorie burn, making the most of each step taken during a walk.

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