Employee Wellbeing
April 21, 2023

10 easy ways to be more physically active throughout the workday

Fitting in exercise is hard whilst at work. Here's our tips for moving more during your work day.

Hilda Bahringer
2 minutes

With busy work schedules and long hours spent sitting at a desk, it can be difficult to find time to be physically active during the workday. However, incorporating movement into your daily routine has numerous health benefits and can increase productivity. Here are 10 easy ways to be more physically active throughout the workday:

  1. Take regular breaks: Set a reminder to take a short break every hour and use that time to stand up, stretch, and move around.
  2. Take the stairs: Rather than using the elevator, take the stairs to increase your heart rate and burn calories.
  3. Stand up while on the phone: Take phone calls while standing up to prevent sitting for extended periods.
  4. Walk during lunch breaks: Take a walk during your lunch break to get some fresh air and increase your step count.
  5. Use a standing desk: Consider using a standing desk to decrease the amount of time spent sitting throughout the day.
  6. Park farther away: Park farther away from the office to get in some extra steps on your way to and from work.
  7. Stretch at your desk: Perform simple stretches at your desk to improve flexibility and reduce tension.
  8. Use a stability ball: Consider using a stability ball as a chair to engage core muscles and improve posture.
  9. Host walking meetings: Schedule meetings that take place while walking rather than sitting in a conference room.
  10. Take the long way around: Instead of taking the shortest route to a meeting or restroom, take a longer route to add in some extra steps.

Incorporating movement into your daily routine can have significant health benefits, including increased energy and productivity, improved mood, and reduced risk of chronic diseases. By incorporating some of these easy tips into your workday, you can boost your physical activity levels and improve your overall health and well-being.

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