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May 2, 2024

15 Prize ideas for a company steps challenge

A steps challenge is a great way to get your employees moving and motivated to stay healthy. Here are 15 fun prize ideas to get you started.

Hilda Bahringer
3 minutes

A corporate steps challenge is a great way to boost employee wellbeing and get people moving. As well as bragging rights, offering prizes is a great way to incentivise your team. Here are some ideas you can use for your next walking or steps challenge!

1. A day off

Everyone could use an extra day to relax, recharge, and reset. Offer a day off as a prize for whoever logs the most steps or has the biggest percentage increase in their step count from the previous week.

2. A gift card to a local restaurant or shop

Who doesn't love free money to spend however they want? Whether it's a voucher their favourite restaurant or a gift card to a nearby shopping center, your employees will appreciate this prize.

3. A fitness tracker

Help your employees reach their fitness goals by giving them a new fitness tracker. This prize is especially motivating if you include a challenge to see who can rack up the most steps in a week or month.

4. A massage

Everyone could use a little bit of extra pampering. Offer a free 30-minute massage as a prize for whoever completes the most steps in a given week.

5. A free month of gym membership

If your company already offers gym membership as an employee benefit, take it one step further and offer a free month of membership as a prize.

6. A wellness retreat

For the ultimate health and wellness prize, offer a weekend stay at a nearby spa or resort. This is sure to motivate your employees to reach their step goals!

7. A grocery gift card

Eating healthy is an important part of any fitness journey. Help your employees stock their pantries with healthy food by giving away grocery store gift cards as prizes.

8. A new pair of shoes

Treat your employees to a new pair of sneakers or running shoes when they reach their step goals for the week or month.

9. An Amazon Kindle

Make sure your employees have plenty of reading material for their next vacation by giving away Amazon Kindle e-readers as prizes

10. An afternoon at an amusement park

Nothing says "fun" like an afternoon spent riding roller coasters and eating cotton candy! Give your employees tickets to an amusement park as a reward for reaching their step goals.

11. Movie tickets

Movie tickets make great prizes because they can be used again and again. Whether your employees prefer going to the latest blockbuster hit or catching up on classic films, they'll appreciate this prize

12. Gift certificate to a comedy club

Laughter is said to be the best medicine, so what better way to reward your employees for completing their steps than with tickets to a comedy show?

13. Tickets to a concert or sporting event

If movies aren't really your thing, how about tickets to see live music or watch their favourite team play?

14. Shopping spree at the office supply store

For all the office dwellers out there, what could be better than getting free reign over an entire office supply store? Give your employees this prize when they hit their step goals and let them go wild!

15. Lunch with the boss

This is one prize that's sure not soon forgotten! Offer lunch with you (or another senior leader at the company) as incentive for employees to reach their step goals.

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