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September 21, 2023

50 Ice Breaker Activities For Remote Teams

50 great ice breakers to increase energy levels in your next remote meeting.

Hilda Bahringer
10 minutes

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, building connections among team members is crucial for maintaining a cohesive and collaborative environment. Icebreaker activities provide an excellent opportunity to break down virtual barriers and promote a sense of camaraderie.

Why Icebreakers Matter in Remote Teams

Remote teams often face challenges in forming personal connections due to the absence of physical proximity. Icebreakers help team members get to know each other beyond work-related discussions, creating a more comfortable and open atmosphere. These activities can spark conversations, uncover shared interests, and create memorable interactions that transcend virtual spaces.

Icebreaker Activities for Remote Teams

Here are 50 innovative icebreaker activities to infuse energy and connection into your remote team interactions:

1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items for team members to find in their own homes within a time limit. The first one to return with all items wins!

2. Two Truths and a Lie

Each team member shares two truths and one lie about themselves. Others guess which statement is the lie.

3. Emoji Introductions

Introduce yourself using only emojis. Team members guess the meaning behind each emoji.

4. Collaborative Playlist

Create a playlist collaboratively on a music streaming platform, sharing songs that represent your personalities.

5. Story Time

Each person contributes a sentence to build a collective story, creating a fun and unpredictable narrative.

6. Desk Show and Tell

Show off your workspace and explain the significance of items on your desk.

7. Remote Trivia

Organise a trivia quiz with questions related to team members' interests or general knowledge.

8. Name That GIF

Share a GIF that reflects your mood without using words. Others guess the emotion or situation.

9. Bucket List Sharing

Discuss and share the top items on your bucket lists, revealing personal aspirations.

10. The Pictionary Challenge

Use an online Pictionary tool to draw and guess each other's creations.

11. Rapid Fire Questions

Answer a set of rapid-fire questions to uncover fun facts about team members.

12. Virtual Karaoke

Host a virtual karaoke session where team members can sing their favourite songs.

13. Birth Map Discussion

Discuss where you were born and share interesting facts about your birthplace.

14. Book Club Bonanza

Share your favourite books and discuss why they made an impact on you.

15. Time Capsule Creations

Create a virtual time capsule by sharing current photos, news articles, and personal reflections.

16. Virtual Escape Room Adventure

Collaborate to solve puzzles and "escape" from a virtual escape room.

17. Showcasing Home Workspaces

Give a virtual tour of your home workspace, offering insights into your daily environment.

18. Team Member of the Week

Select a team member each week for others to learn more about through a short interview.

19. Role Reversal

Discuss what job or role you would swap with a team member for a day.

20. Dream Vacation Debate

Debate and defend your dream vacation destination, sharing the highlights of your ideal getaway.

21. Meme Madness

Share memes that you find hilarious and explain why they resonate with you.

22. Photo Storytelling

Share a photo that holds a special memory and tell the story behind it.

23. Skill Swap Session

Each team member shares a unique skill or hobby they're passionate about.

24. Remote Charades

Play a virtual game of charades using video conferencing tools.

25. Personal Object Insights

Choose an object that represents your personality and explain your choice.

26. The Great Debate

Engage in a friendly debate on fun topics, showcasing your persuasive skills.

27. Remote Cook-Off

Share recipes and photos of dishes you've cooked at home.

28. Historical Figure Impersonations

Each person impersonates a historical figure and provides clues for others to guess.

29. Fantasy Football Icebreaker

Create a fictional fantasy football team using team members' names and fun characteristics.

30. Movie Emoji Synopsis

Describe a movie using only emojis and see if others can guess the title.

31. Virtual Background Showcase

Show off your creative virtual backgrounds and explain the inspiration behind them.

32. A Day in Your Life

Discuss what a typical day looks like for you, providing insights into your routine.

33. Desert Island Picks

Share the three items you'd take with you if stranded on a desert island.

34. Online Board Games

Engage in virtual board games that promote teamwork and strategy.

35. Song Lyric Connections

Share a song lyric that resonates with you and discuss why.

36. Unpopular Opinions Exchange

Share unpopular opinions on various topics and discuss the reasons behind them.

37. What's on Your Plate?

Share what you're currently eating and discuss your favourite foods.

38. Virtual Show and Tell

Share an item from your home and explain its significance.

39. Team Haiku Creation

Collaborate to create a haiku that represents the team's spirit.

40. Memory Lane Exploration

Share a memorable experience from your past and discuss its impact on your life.

41. Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Create bingo cards with items team members need to find in their surroundings.

42. Guess the Childhood Photo

Share a childhood photo and have others guess who it is.

43. Word Association Challenge

Start with a word and have team members respond with the first word that comes to mind.

44. One-Minute Vacation

Describe your ideal vacation in one minute, transporting everyone to a relaxing destination.

45. Remote Charades

Play another round of virtual charades, this time with new prompts.

46. Story Building Challenge

Each person contributes a sentence to build a spontaneous story.

47. Secret Talent Sharing

Reveal a hidden talent that your teammates might not know about.

48. Guess the Pet's Name

Share a photo of your pet and have others guess its name.

49. Time Machine Discussion

Discuss what time period you'd travel to if you had a time machine.

50. The Ultimate Vacation

Plan the ultimate dream vacation with your team, considering destinations, activities, and accommodations.


Navigating the remote work landscape successfully requires more than just efficient communication—it demands a sense of camaraderie and connection among team members. Implementing icebreaker activities can transform virtual interactions into engaging and meaningful experiences, fostering a stronger sense of unity within remote teams.


Are icebreaker activities only suitable for new teams?

Not at all! Icebreakers are valuable for both new and established teams as they help maintain and deepen connections over time.

How often should we incorporate icebreakers into our remote team meetings?

The frequency can vary based on your team's preferences, but starting meetings with a brief icebreaker can set a positive tone.

Can icebreaker activities be adapted for larger teams?

Absolutely. Many icebreakers can be scaled up by breaking participants into smaller groups for discussions.

What's the benefit of using icebreakers in remote teams when work-related discussions are more critical?

Icebreakers create a more relaxed and open atmosphere, which can lead to better communication and collaboration during work-related discussions.

Can you repeat icebreaker activities, or do they lose their effectiveness over time?

Some activities can be repeated occasionally, but introducing new ones helps keep the engagement level high and prevents monotony.

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