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November 22, 2022

How to organise a company walking challenge

Looking for a fun and healthy way to get your employees moving? Here's how to plan a successful corporate walking challenge!

Hilda Bahringer
5 minutes

Choose a date for the challenge and send out invitations

Choosing a date for the challenge is the first step in getting everyone on board. Once you have a date set, you can start sending out invitations. Make sure to give everyone plenty of notice so they can clear their schedules and mark the date in their calendars. When it comes to choosing a date, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the weather. You don't want to pick a date when it's too hot or too cold to walk comfortably. Second, think about everyone's schedule. Is there a time of year when everyone is usually free? And finally, pick a day that works for you. You're the one organizing the challenge, so you'll need to be available on that day. With all of these factors in mind, choose a date for the challenge and get ready to walking!

Assign a leader to each team

If you're organizing a walking group, it's important to have someone take on the role of leader. This person will be responsible for setting the pace and making sure everyone stays together. They'll also be your point of contact if anyone has any questions or concerns. When choosing a leader, look for someone who is reliable and organized. They should also be comfortable walking for long periods of time. Ideally, they'll have some experience leading groups, but this isn't essential. If you can't find someone who meets all of these criteria, don't worry - any capable and enthusiastic team member will do.

Create a route or choose a set of destinations

If you're walking for leisure, one of the best ways to ensure you enjoy your walk is to plan your route in advance. This gives you the opportunity to choose a set of destinations that are of interest to you, and to map out a walking route that avoids any hills or other difficult terrain. You can also use this opportunity to identify any places where you might want to stop for a rest or a snack. Planning your route in advance can help you make the most of your walking time, and ensure that you have a enjoyable and hassle-free walk.

Set a time limit for the challenge

A time limit is an excellent way to add structure to a challenge. It can help to focus your efforts and ensure that you complete the task within a reasonable timeframe. In addition, a time limit can help to prevent burnout by giving you a set goal to work towards. Of course, setting a time limit is not always easy. It requires careful planning and consideration of the task at hand. But with a little effort, you can find the perfect balance for your challenge. By setting a time limit, you can maximize your chances of success while still enjoying the process.

Provide participants with a list of rules to follow

Every game has rules in order to ensure fairness and safety. The same is true for physical activities like dance or martial arts. Having a set of guidelines helps participants know what is expected of them and keeps everyone on the same playing field. Of course, rules can also be flexible, depending on the situation. For instance, a dance class for young children might have different rules than a class for adults. Ultimately, the most important thing is that participants are aware of the rules and feel comfortable following them.

Award prizes to the winners

The reason why award prizes to the winners is so important is because it shows that their hard work has not only been recognized, but it also encourages them to keep up the good work. When people are given awards, it makes them feel appreciated and motivated to do even better. Furthermore, awarding prizes also serves as a way of acknowledging the effort that everyone has put in and ensures that everyone remains on their toes, eager to win the next prize. Ultimately, awarding prizes is a great way to show how much you value hard work and dedication.

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