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November 20, 2022

How to setup an office to office steps challenge

Looking for a fun and healthy way to encourage your employees to move more? Check out our guide on how to set up an office to office steps challenge!

Hilda Bahringer
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Choose a time frame for your challenge - for example, two weeks

Before you begin your challenge, it's important to figure out how much time you realistically need to complete the steps involved. This will help you to stay on track and avoid getting overwhelmed. For example, if your goal is to learn a new language, you might want to give yourself two weeks to complete the challenge. During this time, you would need to devote at least an hour each day to studying. If you have a full-time job or other commitments, you might need to adjust your schedule accordingly. In any case, it's important to be realistic about how much time you can devote to your challenge so that you can set yourself up for success.

Set a goal for the number of steps you want to take each day - for example, 10,000 steps

Just as setting a goal is the first step to achieving success, taking that first step is often the most difficult part of starting a new habit. But once you get going, it gets easier and easier. That's why it's important to set a realistic goal for yourself - something that you can achieve without too much effort. For example, if you're not used to exercising, setting a goal of 10,000 steps may seem daunting at first. But if you break it down into smaller goals - say, 2,500 steps each day - it becomes much more manageable. And before you know it, you'll be hitting your 10,000-step goal with ease. So don't be afraid to start small - just take that first step today.

Create a chart or spreadsheet to track your progress

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or get in shape knows that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. One way to stay motivated and on track is to create a chart or spreadsheet to track your progress. This can help you to see your progress over time and make necessary adjustments to your diet and exercise routine. By tracking your progress, you will be more likely to stick with your goals and see results. There are a number of different ways to track your progress, so find one that works best for you and get started today!

Find a partner or group to join forces with and hold each other accountable

When it comes to achieving our goals, we are often our own worst enemy. We procrastinate, make excuses, and allow ourselves to become distracted. However, we can also be our own best supporters. Having a partner or group to help us stay on track and accountable can make all the difference in whether we succeed or fail. By joining forces with others, we can create a system of checks and balances that keeps us focused and motivated. In addition, being part of a team can help us to stick with our goals even when things get tough. So if you're looking to boost your chances of success, find a partner or group to join forces with and hold each other accountable. You may just achieve your goals sooner than you think!

Celebrate your success at the end of the challenge!

You've done it! You've completed the challenge! Give yourself a pat on the back- you deserve it. This was no small feat, and you should be proud of yourself for sticking with it. Take a moment to soak up your accomplishment and enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with it. And don't forget to celebrate! Whether you treat yourself to a special meal, take a trip somewhere fun, or simply spend some time relaxing, take the time to enjoy your success. You've earned it!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your own challenge today! It’s a great way to get motivated and push yourself to reach new goals. And don’t forget to celebrate your success at the end - we promise it will feel good. How have challenges like these worked for you in the past? What tips do you have for others who want to try this out?

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