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November 20, 2022

The best step counters for employee fitness challenges

If you're looking to start a corporate steps challenge, we've got the perfect tools for you! Check out our list of the best step counters to get you started.

Hilda Bahringer
6 minutes


A Fitbit is a fitness tracker that can be worn on the wrist. It tracks steps taken, as well as calories burned and distance covered. It also has a heart rate monitor to track heart rate during physical activity. The Fitbit Flex 2 is the newest model of Fitbit. It is water resistant and has a slim design. It also tracks swimming laps and distance. The Fitbit app allows users to set goals, track progress, and compete with friends. The app also gives users the option to log food intake and track sleep patterns.Fitbits are popular because they are comprehensive fitness trackers that provide accurate data. They motivate people to be more active and reach their fitness goals. They are also affordable, starting at $60 for the Flex 2 model.

Jawbone UP

The Jawbone UP is a fitness tracker that can be worn on the wrist or ankle. It tracks steps taken, calories burned, and minutes of activity. It also has a pedometer and an altimeter. The Jawbone UP is water-resistant and has a battery life of up to 10 days. It syncs with the Jawbone app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The app lets users set goals, track progress, and view detailed statistics. The Jawbone UP is available in three colors: black, white, and red. It retails for $99.99.

Nike+ FuelBand

The Nike+ FuelBand is a new fitness tracker from Nike that tracks your daily activity and sets goals to help you stay active. The band itself is made of rubber and plastic and has a small display that shows your progress throughout the day. The Nike+ FuelBand syncs with your iPhone or iPod Touch to give you more detailed information about your activity, including calories burned, steps taken, and minutes of activity. It also allows you to set goals and see how you stack up against friends and family. The Nike+ FuelBand is available in three sizes and four colors, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

The Nike+ FuelBand is a great way to track your daily activity and stay motivated to be more active. It is comfortable to wear, lightweight, and easy to use. The band's display is clear and easy to read, even in direct sunlight. The Nike+ FuelBand syncs quickly and easily with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and the app provides detailed information about your activity. The band is also water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about taking it off before swimming or getting caught in the rain. Overall, the Nike+ FuelBand is an excellent fitness tracker that is sure to help you reach your fitness goals.

Garmin Vivofit

The Garmin Vivofit is a activity tracker that helps you to stay active and healthy. It tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. It also has a sedentary reminder that gives you a gentle nudge to get up and move if you have been inactive for too long. The Vivofit is water-resistant and has a long battery life, so it can be worn all day and all night. It also syncs with the Garmin Connect app, which allows you to track your progress over time and set goals. The Vivofit is an affordable and effective way to get started on a healthy lifestyle.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches on the market. Its features include fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and mobile payments. It also has a number of apps that can be installed, such as a weather app or a maps app. The watch is also compatible with Apple's iCloud service, which allows users to store and sync data between their devices. The watch is available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, and three different finishes, including aluminum, stainless steel, and gold. The Series 3 model of the Apple Watch is also available with cellular connectivity, which allows users to make calls and send texts without their iPhone. There are a variety of strap options available for the watch, including sport bands, leather bands, and metal bands. The Apple Watch is a stylish and functional addition to any outfit.

Conclusion paragraph: So which wearable is the best one? It really depends on your needs and what you’re looking for. If you want a device that tracks your heart rate, then the Apple Watch would be a good option. If you need help getting motivated to move, the Nike+ FuelBand or Garmin Vivofit would be great choices. And if you just want a basic tracker with some added features, the Fitbit or Jawbone UP are both solid options. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what features matter most to you. Have you tried any of these wearables? What did you think?

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