March 7, 2024

Where to Find The NHS Staff Survey Results for 2023? (Including Trust Data and Summaries)

Let's take a look at the best place to find your NHS Staff Survey Results.

Toby Cannon
2 minutes

The NHS Staff Survey results were officially published at 9:30am on Thursday 7th March 2023.

This years survey received a 48% response rate (up from 46% in 2022) and was completed by 707,460 people, making it one of the largest workforce surveys in the world.

The survey focuses on the 7 People Promise areas and includes valuable insights into the current thoughts of staff within the NHS.

Here's how you can access the full results.

National Results Briefing

Currently available on the NHS Staff Survey website are the following:

  • The National Results Briefing document
  • The national results for the Workforce Equality Standards metrics (WRES and WDES)

The detailed spreadsheets which include national, organisation type, and organisational results will follow in April

Interactive Dashboard

You can analyse the data on the NHS Staff survey website using their handy interactive dashboard.

This allows you to look at the scores at the following levels:

  • National
  • Regional
  • ICS
  • Organisation

You can find data such as the scores over the past 4 years, break the data down by different groups of people and also view the response rate.

Raw Dashboard Data

The interactive dashboard is a great way to visualise what the data is saying, but if you'd rather download the raw data, this is possible too.

Just as a warning, some of these files can get quite large so they may take some time to open.

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